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  • Epsilon fixing up hidden email spoofing weakness

    Epsilon Interactive, the US online marketing company whose data breach last year sparked an investigation into Dell Australia, has been caught out by a flawed fix for weak cryptographic keys that are used to verify the authenticity of emails it sends on behalf of clients.

    Liam Tung | 31 Oct | Read more

  • Epsilon breach: When should almost public info be private?

    A press feeding frenzy followed the somewhat vague April Fools Day announcement by Epsilon Data Management that someone had hacked into its systems and stolen a bunch of email addresses. The addresses were of people who had "opted in" for email marketing by a bunch of major vendors such as Target and Red Roof Inns, and many of the vendors sent announcements of the breach to their customers (I got such an announcement from a vendor I had purchased a present from for my wife. The announcement did not say all that much, essentially it told me to "be careful".).

    Scott Bradner | 14 Apr | Read more

  • Epsilon e-mail hack: How you can protect yourself

    Most of the time I only hear from my credit card companies when I owe them money or when they want to sell me a new service. That's changed; now I'm being bombarded with notes telling me that a company I never heard of has been successfully hacked and these still unknown bad guys now have my name and e-mail address -- and maybe more.

    Bill Snyder | 12 Apr | Read more