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  • LastPass: The Last Word in Password Management

    Remembering all of your passwords may not seem difficult...until you think about just how many passwords you have. One for each email account. One for each bank account. One for each shopping site. The list goes on, and on. If you want to make your life simple, you can choose the same password for every account. But if you want to keep things secure while making life simple, you need a password manager like LastPass. This free software comes in a <a href=",77152/description.html">32-bit</a> and a <a href=",169129/description.html">64-bit version</a>.

    Liane Cassavoy | 31 Jul | Read more

  • Still Smart, Still Free: KeePass Keeps Your Passwords Safe

    KeePass solves an increasingly important dilemma: How to <a href="">keep track</a> of all of your passwords, whether they be for email services, Web sites, bank accounts, or what have you. Increasingly, we are inundated with passwords, with no easy way to keep track of them. The free <a href=",157063/description.html">KeePass</a> does the job neatly.

    Preston Gralla | 25 Jul | Read more

  • Patch software with free Secunia PSI

    One of the biggest security threats out there doesn't come from malicious hackers or online identity thieves. It actually comes from you, the innocent PC user and your out-of-date software. But you can put an end to that threat with the free Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI), which identifies and helps patch the problematic programs you may be running.

    Liane Cassavoy | 28 Jan | Read more