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  • Make your executives smarter about whaling before your profits get speared

    Australian business executives are proving to be desirable targets for scammers that have been remarkably successful at using business email compromise (BEC) (also known as 'whaling') schemes to wring millions of dollars from unwitting victims. Yet even as they struggle to clamp down on losses to scammers breaches of the so-called human firewall, those same businesses are also becoming key contributors to efforts to stop BEC in its tracks.

    David Braue | 19 Sep | Read more

  • Consumers still don't get two-factor authentication

    LAS VEGAS – Telesign, a mobile identity solutions provider, continued to educate the public about its free "Turn It On" Campaign – a step-by-step instructional guide to two-factor authentication (2FA) on some of the most visited websites – at this year's Black Hat security conference. Co-founder Ryan Disraeli says that based on Telesign's "Consumer Account Security Report," it's clear consumers want more security but don't know much – if anything – about 2FA.

    Kacy Zurkus | 07 Aug | Read more

  • The week in security: Wearable tech shaking up security, privacy concerns

    If you're not concerned about the privacy implications of wearable technology, consider how you feel knowing that fitness-bracelet provider Jawbone was showing how its San Francisco customers felt the impact of the recent earthquake, based on when their bracelets said they woke up. On a similar note, a survey found that consumers are concerned about online security threats but do little to protect themselves.

    David Braue | 01 Sep | Read more

  • Security intelligence maps out’s online journey

    As a company that generates 95 percent of its revenues online, Australia-based has paid particular attention to ensuring its operations – whose 500 staff span 19 countries on five continents – are resistant to the depredations of malicious online hackers and well-meaning internal staff alike.

    David Braue | 18 Jun | Read more

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  • Could Wikileaks scandal lead to new virtual currency?

    It's not an exaggeration to say that the recent Wikileaks scandal has shaken the Internet to its core. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, various services have simply refused to handle Wikileaks' business -- everything from domain-name providers to payment services -- and this has led to many questioning how robust the Internet actually is.

    Keir Thomas | 11 Dec | Read more

  • Massive Mac OS X update shatters illusion of security

    Perhaps you've heard that the Apple Mac OS X operating system is simply more secure by design and not prone to the security flaws and vulnerabilities that plague the dominant Microsoft Windows operating system? Well, don't believe the hype. Apple unleashed an update for Mac OS X this week which fixes a massive 134 vulnerabilities.

    Tony Bradley | 12 Nov | Read more