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  • Security breach

    No company wants to be associated with a data breach, but if your systems are compromised the fallout can sometimes be more damaging than the act itself.

    Matt Rodgers | 22 Sep | Read more

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  • Today’s State of Vulnerability Response: Patch Work Demands Attention Australia & New Zealand

    For most companies it is a race against time to patch critical vulnerabilities and avoid a data breach. Based on the findings of Today’s State of Vulnerability Response: Patch Work Demands Attention, sponsored by ServiceNow, the inability to patch in a timely manner is due to broken patch management processes. Specifically, many companies are relying upon manual processes and have difficulty in prioritising the vulnerabilities that need patching. Ponemon Institute surveyed almost 3,000 IT security professionals in Australia/New Zealand, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States to understand how organisations are responding to vulnerabilities and preventing hackers from exploiting attack vectors. In this report, we present the Australia and New Zealand findings.