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  • Next-generation SIEM turns low-level security monitoring for high-level business goals

    Despite an initial rush to adopt security and information event management (SIEM) tools, complex implementations and a lack of skilled staff left many companies struggling to use SIEM effectively. That's all set to change, however, as a new generation of SIEM tools bolsters top-down monitoring of network and cloud-application activity with applied analytics techniques that help spot security incidents as soon as they're happening.

    David Braue | 16 Jun | Read more

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  • LogRhythm placed in leaders quadrant of 2014 Gartner SIEM Survey

    Broad adoption of SIEM technology is being driven by the need to detect threats and breaches, as well as by compliance needs. Early breach discovery requires effective user activity, data access and application activity monitoring. Vendors are improving threat intelligence and security analytics.