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  • The week in security: Security strategies evolving as new (and old) threats persist

    A range of mobile apps are leaking back-end credentials that allow anybody to access millions of user records, a new study has found. This should come as little surprise given the sloppy approach taken by many organisations to securing privileged accounts, one analysis warns. Little wonder potential government cloud adopters are concerned about cloud-providers' lack of transparency.

    David Braue | 23 Nov | Read more

  • The human firewall has a soft spot: you

    For all the talk about the importance of new security technologies, the importance of staff buying into corporate security strategies is often underestimated. In every case, the predictable result is the same: a strong technological barrier whose effectiveness is immediately compromised once a legitimate user, with legitimate access to internal resources, clicks on a phishing email designed to load malware onto their computer.

    David Braue | 12 Mar | Read more

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