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  • ​Make sure the cloud doesn't fog up your window into network security

    The use of cloud-based applications and architectures has rapidly become an everyday occurrence within most enterprises. Yet while they have become comfortable with the idea of cloud architectures, the move to embrace the cloud has also created security blind spots that may – without the right approach – inadvertently create new vulnerabilities in corporate security protections.

    David Braue | 27 Nov | Read more

  • What's lurking in your network? Find out by decrypting SSL

    Organizations have spent vast sums of money on security systems and, when deployed and operated correctly, they play a key role in safeguarding the organization. However, most systems have one critical dependency: The traffic flowing through must be readable. If the traffic is encrypted, many systems are almost completely useless, giving the system owner a false sense of security.

    Brian Heder | 18 Jan | Read more

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