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  • No nyms equals evil

    Two weeks ago <a href="">I contended</a> that "Freedom and privacy, in any meaningful sense, are dead" and discussed the two types of privacy, "factual" privacy, which concerns "static" data such as your age and cholesterol level, and "lifestream" privacy which is the realtime data about things such as where you go and who you talk to.

    Mark Gibbs | 22 Aug | Read more

  • OPINION: Freedom and privacy, R.I.P.

    Freedom and privacy, in any meaningful sense, are dead. I know, I know ... I've written about this topic before but that was in the context of our "factual" privacy, which is about access to what you might think of as "static" data about you. Now we have to recognize the death of our "realtime" or "lifestream" privacy: the freedom to go about our business unobserved and anonymously.

    Mark Gibbs | 08 Aug | Read more