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  • Warning: Tips for secure mobile holiday shopping

    I’m dating myself, but I remember when holiday shopping involved pouring through ads in the Sunday paper, placing actual phone calls from tethered land lines to research product stock and availability, and actually driving places to pick things up. Now, holiday shoppers can do all of that from a smartphone or tablet in a few seconds, but there are some security pitfalls to be aware of</a>.

    Tony Bradley | 07 Dec | Read more

  • Fighting Malware and Cybercrime with Old School Criminology

    It is an accepted axiom of computer and network security that the human being is the weakest link. Researchers at the University of Maryland are applying traditional criminology concepts to demonstrate that human beings may be the weakest link for the attackers as well. The insights learned may help improve computer defenses and <a href="">thwart potential attacks</a>.

    Tony Bradley | 30 Nov | Read more

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