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  • iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite: will they keep us safer?

    It used to be Apple rarely highlighted security and privacy in its developer-focused WWDC keynote presentation. But over the past few years Apple has consistently highlighted new options to keep users safe from attackers and snooping eyes alike. Still, with a mere two hours to cover a wealth of advances in multiple operating systems and the corresponding developer tools, the security details in Monday's keynote were sparse.

    Rich Mogull | 04 Jun | Read more

  • Apple iOS 8's 12 Best Business Features

    Apple spent only a minute or so of its two-hour WWDC keynote discussing the enterprise features in its upcoming iOS 8 mobile OS, which is set for release this fall. The response from the crowd after the business announcements was notably tame compared to the roars that followed many of the other announcements. The fact is, iOS 8 actually packs a set of valuable new features that demonstrate Apple's strengthening relationship with the enterprise and with business users.

    Al Sacco | 04 Jun | Read more

  • Apple's security strategy: make it invisible

    When I received an invitation to the keynote event at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, my first reaction was, "Why?" I'm known as a security guy, which means my keynote invites are only when major security features are released. But as I watched the presentations, I began to understand why.

    Rich Mogull | 14 Jun | Read more