CSO Webinar | The Future of Cybersecurity Strategy: Lessons from the Pentagon

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Nation-state attacks have reshaped the threat landscape by unleashing directed, motivated and well-resourced cybercriminal actors on the world stage. But the threat they pose isn’t only directed at foreign governments: with critical infrastructure and data repositories in attackers’ sights, every enterprise needs to protect itself from this new form of cyber warfare.

Jonathan Reiber knows how, after years helping establish a formal cybersecurity command within the US Department of Defense. His roles included principal architect of the DoD Cyber Strategy, cybersecurity strategy development within the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, the Defence Science Board Task Force on Cyber Deterrence, and more.

Over the course of thisrecording, you’ll hear from Jonathan and your peers about the way military tactics can help guide your cybersecurity response. By the end of the session you will have learned:

  • Why nation-state attacks are everyone’s problem
  • How to prepare for a breach by adopting an adversary mindset
  • How to develop a strategic proposition that defines your own defence
  • How to build the right human, technology, and leadership capabilities to effectively defend against a hidden and relentless enemy