There’s no network security without visibility into encrypted threats

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Increasing use of encryption has created new challenges for enterprise security managers. Ever more-sophisticated encryption such as Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) protects data and may even boost your Google ranking – but it also provides a haven for malicious code that may use encryption to bypass enterprise security controls.

Visibility into encrypted traffic is therefore essential, if enterprises are to have any chance of finding malicious payloads or malware command-and-control communications in encrypted traffic streams. Better visibility also helps for intercepting intellectual property theft – but new encryption techniques make it a moving target.

However, there are good and bad approaches to encrypted traffic interception. If you want to know the difference, watch CSO Australia and F5 Networks in this Seminar where you will hear from technical experts about how to manage the growing encryption challenge

By the end of the recording, you will know:

  • How attackers’ use of SSL/TLS is challenging conventional security strategies
  • Why visibility into SSL/TLS is essential for comprehensive network, data, and intellectual property protection
  • What characteristics are needed for an effective, efficient inspection solution
  • How to future-proof your encryption inspection solution