No ifs, ands, or bots about it: why app security is crucial to your business

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Bots have become a fact of life online, with retailers and aggregators using them for everything from monitoring competitors’ prices and stock levels, to securing saleable quantities of in-demand items such as concert tickets and limited-edition retail products.

Whatever their design, the traffic generated by such bots can create real problems for target web sites. Factor in the tsunami of traffic generated by malicious bots – which hijack large numbers of vulnerable computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to launch attacks on other systems – and businesses face an imminent threat that can choke out legitimate users, compromise website usability, and destroy a company’s profits and reputation.

It’s not hard to understand why bot management is critical to maintaining business availability and customer satisfaction – but do you know how to properly deal with bots?

Please join CSO Australia and F5 for this Webinar recording, where you and your peers will learn bot-management strategies from application-security experts. By working through real-world examples, you will learn:

  • How bots affect network traffic and business performance
  • How to identify bot traffic and evaluate its impact
  • The difference between good and bad bots – and how this affects management strategies
  • How a comprehensive application management strategy can help you keep bots under control

*Shain Singh, F5 had some technical difficulties during his presentation - Audio may be delayed/skip randomly during his 15 minute presentation.