Building a foundation of Trust – the essentials to understanding enterprise encryption key management

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Increasing mandates around the security of personal data have made encryption for every business. Australian businesses are leading the world in the use of encryption to protect backups, payment-related data, and laptops – and yet they still have a long way to go before encryption is both ubiquitous and manageable.

With the proliferation of business applications that use encryption and signature techniques and the vast number of entities that need encryption keys to identify themselves, the number of keys in existence in any enterprise can be enormous. Furthermore, keeping track of which key belongs to which entity, which application needs access to which key, and what the usage policies associated with each key should be can easily get out of hand. Key management is therefore a critical aspect of a business’s ability to operate efficiently and securely.

Security experts, industry speakers and end users have shared their experiences in building enterprise-grade encryption. By the end of the session you will have learned:

  • Why encryption is so important to meeting governance and compliance requirements
  • Why it is hard to manage at scale, and how key management addresses this challenge
  • What it takes to deploy encryption meaningfully at scale, and the pitfalls you may encounter
  • How new innovations, such as cloud storage of data and the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, complicate the use of encryption
  • Hear the findings from the latest Global Encryption Trends report on the rise in the use of encryption to protect data with organizations responding to both technology shifts and changes in the threat environment.

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