The 2019 Women in Security Awards Categories:

Best Female Secure Coder

This award recognises a woman who has excelled in developing computer software or programs in a way that guards against the introduction of security vulnerabilities. This might be because of exceptional team participation or leadership, or by championing secure-development methodologies like DevSecOps. 

Best Higher Education Program

Developing confident and capable women leaders requires engaging with them early on to stoke their interest, and to paint a realistic and engaging portrait of the reality of a security career. This award recognises an individual who has undertaken a range of teaching, lecturing or training activities to educate businesses and the wider public about cybersecurity threats. This could be by delivering presentations to staff or the public; visiting schools to deliver lessons or lectures to school students; and going ‘above and beyond’ to spread cyber security tips and best practices that will build and support an effective cybersecurity climate.

Best Place to Work

Workplaces adopt a broad range of practices to welcome and accommodate women. This award recognises the overall impact of those practices in creating an environment where women feel valued, supported, and encouraged to fulfil their potential. This award considers factors such as whether the organisation has low attrition rates for women; whether the organisation has programs and support mechanisms that actively give women an opportunity to thrive; and how initiatives like flexible working, return-to-work programs, and leadership development have contributed to building an effective culture of recognition and equality.

Best Student Security Leader

Developing tomorrow’s security leaders requires guidance and action today. This award recognises an outstanding student who is actively involved with, and contributing to, the security industry. 

Best Volunteer

This award provides Australian volunteer groups, and non-profits with a unique opportunity to be recognised as ‘best-of-the-best’”. They are the ones championing the shaping of the security industry. This doesn't necessarily need to be a group, but can also be an individual within a group that is championing the shaping of the security industry.

CSO Publishers Award

Outstanding contributions to the cybersecurity industry come in many forms. This award recognises a particularly inspiring, generous, or effective woman who has made outstanding contributions to the industry and its development. This might include educational work, project-related work, outstanding mentor ship or education work, innovative secure coding practice, or effective engagement with industry, government or academia that promotes Australia’s cybersecurity industry. 

Male Champion of Change

This award recognises the "Male champions of change". These are individuals who have been championing for more equality within the IT security industry and actively campaign for diversity.

Security Champion

This award recognises Individuals who have found an effective way of engaging people with the IT Security message thus empowering them to be more aware and better prepared to face and deal with IT security threats in context.

The One to Watch

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated exceptional talent when it comes to their journey into IT security. It might be someone who has recently amazed you with their technological, communication and security skills – or someone with exceptional problem solving skills, communication or technological skills who is expected to go far. 

The Unsung Hero

This award recognises the Unsung Hero of Security. Unsung heroes demonstrate excellence in many forms – whether mentoring women in security or supporting, encouraging, and promoting the educational, professional and personal development of these women. Or, they just may be someone who is helping make our industry better. 

IT Security Barrier Breaker

IT Security Barrier Breaker - This award will recognise the best IT Security Breakthrough in Australia. The winner will demonstrate how their product or service has excelled all expectations and has enhanced the IT security of Australia.