Businesses need to understand their networks and activity: Tenable

Security vendor expects businesses to keep a closer eye of their IT in order to understand it

Security threats will become so bad this year that organisations will be required to be know more about their IT and what it does, according to Tenable Network Security.

In order to effectively spot trends, malware and insider threats, A/NZ regional sales manager, Matthew Brigham, said it will be important for businesses to understand their networks, user activity, software and traffic in “more granular detail.”

“This vast amount of data will require a variety of Big Data Cloud analytics to reduce clutter and add actionable context for identifying pertinent security issues,” he said.

As for why this approach is crucial now, Brigham points out significant the threat from malware and hackers in the activities that took place last year.

“2013 started out with the disclosure of Chinese APT1 activity, but was then trumped by disclosures about NSA's worldwide offensive techniques from Edward Snowden,” he said.

Responding to the market

With this security environment in mind, Brigham said Tenable response has been to ship advanced malware/APT detection as part of its auditing stack.

“Only by continuous auditing can an enterprise have any hope of finding advanced or even amateur adversaries,” he said.

Tenable will also focus on spreading awareness about its SecurityCenter Continuous View solution, which offers a real-time blend of audit with detection of malware.

Brigham said the product stands out in the market by being able to handle the network, log and system data traffic generated by today's hardware, virtual, mobile and Cloud systems, and then leverage it to demonstrate compliance or find malicious activity.

“We will be building on this technology with new forms of auditing to leverage vulnerability detection and new types of anomaly and malware detection,” he said.

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