Denial of service a key threat vector: Aura

Security provider also uses its vendor partnership to expand beyond its local market

Denial of service is huge problem for businesses, according to New Zealand-based security provider, Aura.

Chief technology officer, Sam Pickles, singled out denial of service as a common and difficult issue for many organisations to deal with.

“No matter what equipment they put into their datacentre they still have limited bandwidth,” he said.

Pickles adds denial of service is a “Cloud problem”, and one that needs to be solved with external service providers.

Beyond denial of service, hacker attacks and application layer threats are the other leading challenges.

“They are more common than network based threats, and we see the across all customers all the time,” Pickles said.

In some cases, businesses are attacked several times per second.

“There is a lot of random and untargeted, but there is also a dangerous amount of very targeted traffic,” Pickles said.

Beyond local protection

Aura established itself in the New Zealand government sector as a trusted security provider, and Pickles said this enabled the security provider to enter the litigation market.

The company’s partnership with F5 Networks is also highlighted as an enabler, particularly as Pickles said he previously worked at the security vendor.

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“A lot of the customers we have now I had existing relationships with,” he said.

Aura managing director, Andy Prow, said F5 Network’s trusted global brand enabled the New Zealand security vendor to go into markets such as Australia and more.

“It’s not as if we go to market with something we’ve cooked ourselves, as F5’s platform is recognised by the market,” he said.

While F5 Network’s security platform already comes with numerous feature, Prow said it is “not inherently simple” to get the best ROI from it.

“There is a level of complexity which F5 Networks has training programs to address,” he said.

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