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  • Security gains a voice with communications specialist

    When Eric Cowperthwaite was heading up IT security at a major healthcare provider, a dedicated communications manager was his best defense to ensure the 75,000-plus employees were aware of security best practices and understood risk. Now in a similar position at a small player in the security software space, Cowperthwaite doesn't have the budget for such a role, although he admits it's not as critical given the size and focus of the firm.

    Beth Stackpole | 19 Jun | Read more

  • How about renting a CSO?

    At a time when cyber security threats continue to increase in sophistication and prevalence, there's a real shortage of experienced, skilled security leaders. What's a company to do? One thing to consider is "renting" a CISO or other senior security executive.

    Bob Violino | 18 Jun | Read more

  • 5 tips for keeping your incident response team happy

    A security manager might be turned off when a job candidate calls him "dude" several times during the course of an interview, but it was a minor infraction that Todd Borandi had to overlook. Like many security team leaders seeking highly sought-after technical skills for his incident response team, he had to let small transgressions slide.

    Stacy Collett | 28 May | Read more