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Yet another free pass for Aussie spooks

Something doesn't add up. ASIO is doing pretty well. So are our police. Australians sleep safer in their beds than ever before. Yet the government is rushing to pass new laws to "protect" us so fast they're even forgetting the widgets that make them work.

Stilgherrian | 15 Sep | Read more

Infosec's mega marketing misalignment mishap

Talk about disconnect! Analysts, security engineers and other infosec geeks aim for Swiss-watch precision, because one little mistake means the bad guys win. We want people to take this seriously, right? So why do certain marketing and PR departments spread a load of what my father, a man more polite than me, would have called "bulldust"?

Stilgherrian | 13 Sep | Read more

Kaspersky sets sights on corporate market

Kaspersky Lab plans a significant push into the enterprise security market with its new Endpoint Security 8.0 and Security Center 9.0 products for Windows, according to senior executives addressing partners and media at a preview event in Kuala Lumpur today.

Stilgherrian | 08 Sep | Read more

Rogue Google certificate used by 300,000 Iranian IPs

Iranian internet users whose security may have been compromised by the forged digital certificate could number in the hundreds of thousands. An interim report (PDF) commissioned by DigiNotar, the certification authority (CA) at the centre of the hacking incident, also reveals lax security at the Dutch firm.

Stilgherrian | 06 Sep | Read more

Has Facebook killed the undercover cop?

Face-recognition technology and the near-universal adoption of social networking tools by teenagers could have already made future covert police and intelligence operations difficult, if not impossible, according former Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty.

Stilgherrian | 25 Aug | Read more