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  • Security rundown for week ending Aug. 19

    Some older assumptions about <a href="">security</a> -- such as firewalls are needed for perimeter defense, and we'll all make do with reusable passwords and browser-based SSL connections provide great security -- were once again ripped apart as we heard this week from several individuals who say they simply don't agree.

    Ellen Messmer | 20 Aug | Read more

  • Amazon AWS GovCloud: Lessons for the Private Sector

    Amazon introduced a new cloud service aimed specifically at the United States government this week. Although the <a href="">Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud</a> is targeted at government agencies, there are also some valuable lessons for private sector businesses and IT admins to learn about cloud servers and data storage.

    Tony Bradley | 18 Aug | Read more

  • Lessons learned from a recent Amazon outage

    Another <a href="">Amazon cloud-services outage</a> occurred on Sunday, August 7th in a Dublin, Ireland data center. This one occurred due to a lightning strike that hit a transformer near the Dublin data center. It led to an explosion and fire that knocked out all utility services thereby leading to a total data center outage. Amazon had its only European data center located there.

    Gregory Machler | 16 Aug | Read more

  • Cloud architecture: More questions to ask a provider

    This is a continuation of the <a href="">previous cloud deployment article</a> where I created architectural questions that enable a consultant to understand what products are used to support a corporation's top 10 critical applications. Once these product lists are created, it is much easier to map private or public cloud products that can support these same applications.

    Gregory Machler | 11 Aug | Read more

  • Cloud computing: 4 tips for regulatory compliance

    Cloud computing seems simple in concept, and indeed, simplicity of operation, deployment and licensing are its most appealing assets. But when it comes to questions of compliance, once you scratch the surface you'll find more questions than you asked in the first place, and more to think about than ever before.

    Jim Buchanan | 09 Aug | Read more